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Brevidoro Ins. Agency / Farmers Insurance
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Diana Williams
"My husband, David, and I reside in Woodland Hills with our 2 wonderful canine boys. As homeowners, we are passionate about the community and are enthusiastic about watching it prosper. It's exciting to know that your membership with the Chamber will increase your visibility and contribute to your success. The success of the business owners and residents directly impacts the progress of our community. I am looking forward to my involvement in growing the membership with Jen Svejda and our Ambassadors as well as working with the Board to increase recognition of the Woodland Hills~Tarzana Chamber as a top Chamber in the Nation. Not the biggest. The best." says Diana Williams-CEO

Jen Svejda
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Director of Business Development for the Woodland Hills-Tarzana Chamber of Commerce. Connecting people gives me great enthusiasm and I am truly grateful that this natural gift will help you maximize your membership. Coming from a family of small business owners, I truly understand the power of promoting, supporting, educating, and networking to help attain business success. I am passionate about getting to know the members of our community, connecting them and seeing their business grow.

Helping you reach your goals is important to me. If there is someone you would like to do business with, feel free to contact me and I would be delighted to connect you. Please remember that our Ambassadors also do a wonderful job of connecting you and are always happy to help. I look forward to meeting you all and watching your businesses along with this Chamber grow.

Rick Reid
"Your Work is Your Signature"

I started out as a laborer for Amnord Masonry in 1978. At that time I was introduced to Mark Thun by my friend Fred Ewert. I worked with Mark, learning the masonry trade, until 1981. Soon after, my brother and I started a masonry business. When John left to pursue his career in the aerospace industry I continued on my own eventually aquiring my contractors liciense in 1997 and starting my own company, Richard J. Reid Stonecraft, which I have today.

During my apprenticeship with Mark I learned a great deal about the importance of layout and quality workmanship. Today I am well versed in the construction of a variety of residential masonry work. I find it especially challenging and stimulating to design and build some special project a customer has envisioned.

Working with Mark and Fred taught me the importance of customer relations, which means showing up on time every day and completing the job in a timely manner. To ensure the job is done properly and promptly, I never take on too much work at one time. Consequently, I never spred mtself too thin with the result that my customers never feel like I'm neglecting them.

Customer satisfaction ranks high on my list of priorities.
To make sure my customers are happy, I spend a lot of time talking with them. Sometimes what they want is simple and straight forward which makes it easy to fulfill their wishes. At other times they have only a vague idea of what they want. In those cases I ask if they have a picture of what they might like or if there is a house that has a feature that is similar to what they have in mind. In some cases, the customer will pick the material they want and give me carte blanche to do whatever I think will look right.

Sometimes a customer will ask me to design somethimg special or unique. In such cases I will work with the customer to develope a design or it may just evolve. In all these cases I keep my customer well informed. I sometimes caution them that masonry can be like a tattoo. Once you get one it's hard to stop.

I have many customers of long standing who have employed me repeatedly. I consider this fact as proof that my customer satisfaction rating is high. Sometimes these old customers seem more like friends than clients but I am always careful to keep business matters on a professional level. Recently I completed a job in La Canada. It was a big remodel and several contractors - plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tile setters - were used. When the customer gave me the final payment he said, "Rick, I wish they were all like you." That wasn't the first time a customer expressed that feeling to me.

Fred Ewert taught me a valuable lesson when I was starting out. He said to me, "Rick,YOUR WORK IS YOUR SIGNATURE." Those words always remind me to remember that after the job is finished and the invoice is paid, my work stands as a symbol of my reputation. To that end I make sure that the work is the highest quality possible so that it will reflect on my company in the best possible way.

I have also worked in the public sector with North East Trees, a non profit organization, on a project called The River Walk. The River Walk is a series of mini parks situated along the Los Angles River designed for people who ride bicycles and walk along the river. These parks include stone seating walls, drinking fountians, steps, and stone based signs that have information about indigenous plants and animals. The park on Oros St. and the river has a small amphitheater made of a mixture of river rock and recycled concrete. I was responsible for the construction of all the stone work done on these projects. Lynn Dwyer was the landscape architect who designed the entire project. We worked together in the field to complete the project.

One park is located on Los Feliz Bl. east of the 5 freeway, two more are on Riverside Dr. from Oros St. to the 110 and 5 interchange, and the others are situated on the river between Los Feliz Bl. and the 110 and 5 interchange.

O. 818-882-5048
C. 818-314-4794
Lic.# 740279 - Bonded - Insured -Reputable

Mercy Alpert
I have 3 terrific sons, enjoy dancing, exercise, practice the principles of Feng Shui and love spending time with my family and friends.

Gaspar Insurance Services is a full-service insurance agency specializing in protecting individuals and businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California with an east coast branch in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Gaspar Insurance offers protection to clients nationwide. Our agents shop A-rated carriers to find the best possible protection at unbeatable rates. We aim to build personal relationships with clients while delivering world class service.

The agency was founded in 2008 by CEO Timothy K. Gaspar and has grown tremendously over the past 10 years. Through agency acquisitions and staff expansion, Gaspar Insurance has been able to service a wide range of clientele from high profile individuals to prominent franchises. In 2017, Gaspar Insurance was named one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. 5000.

Hutch Harutyunyan

Diane Deats
We produce marketing and merchandising materials for businesses large and small
• business cards • event materials • brochures • social media marketing • email marketing • packaging • catalogs • ads • posters • point of sale • trade shows • logo design • corporate image • pdf brochures • web graphics • magazines • direct mail • directories • flyers • food packaging • special projects.

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Ernest Lister
In the Jewelry business more than 30 years, living in Northridge more than 30 years, married more than 30 years.
Two children, three grandchildren. That defines me.
Happily helping folks with their needs.

Barry Cohn
RGEB Really Great Employee Benefits has earned a reputation as the largest and best group insurance agency and employee benefits firm in the San Fernando Valley. Started in 1997, the firm works with small and mid-size companies as well as families and seniors, providing a level of service not previously experienced in the market. As a business partner, RGEB becomes an extension of its clients’ Human Resources departments, providing assistance to both employers and their employees.

• Insurance Services
• Employee Benefits

Robert Satnick
Robert Satnick is a seasoned veteran of the mortgage banking industry with over 20 years experience. Prior to establishing Prime Financial Services, Mr. Satnick was a member of the executive management team at SBMC Mortgage in Van Nuys, CA. Througout his career, Mr. Satnick has worked for such recognizable companies as California Federal Bank, Coast Federal Bank and Home Savings Mortgage. Robert Satnick is actively involved in the mortgage banking industry and is the current Chairman of the Board of the California Mortgage Bankers Association. He has taught courses on mortgage banking and capital markets to a variety of audiences, including the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FreddieMac). Mr. Satnick received his bachelor

Laura Taylor
Nothing says "it" like a handwritten note.

Adrienne Denniston
My journey back into the work force has been uplifting and amazing! One of the things I love about my job is it's flexibility in allowing me to still be instrumental in my children's lives but pursue a career at the same time!! I'm very fortunate to have found CAbi!
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