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Advertising Opportunities

West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce

Posted on 01/01/17

Your Membership comes with a great free advertising perk! Your profile. We would be happy to give you or someone from your marketing department a tutorial.
Free Marketing with Membership
Are you aware of the $$$ hundreds of dollars $$$ worth of Free marketing that comes with your annual membership?  
These tools were created specifically for the members who are unable or have limited opportunities to participate in the Chamber events.
These tools can all be taught with a quick tutorial from a fellow member of member of the Chamber Staff. You can also learn on line with a visit to the Tutorial page and a quick browse around the site.
Did you know…?
Unable to Participate
Other tools worth 1000s of dollars $$$$ Come free with membership!      Read More Here

e-Blast Advertising For Chamber Members
The cost is $100 for a Non-Profit & $125 for Corporate. The e-Blast will go out to nearly 3000 people and also gets posted on social media platforms.

Mailing Labels for your direct mail announcements - $100

eDirectory Incentives
~6000 unique website hits a month
~Ad is interactive and links to your website
~Your ad can be changed at any time (for a low fee)
~Send the URL Link to friends and colleagues to share your ad and show that you are a member of the West Valley~Warner Center Chamber of Commerce
~The Directory is downloadable to print.
~To add Company Logo to listing, one-time fee of $300.

Leader Level
"An Unparalleled Opportunity for You to Support Your Chamber of Commerce."
Making a Difference through Leadership!
Starting at $1500~One Stop Shopping!

What's your level?
If you are spending $1500 or more a year between your membership,
event booths & advertising combined, consider a Leader Level.
Click Here For Menu Of Leader Levels

Make the West Valley~Warner Center Chamber of Commerce
 your marketing partner!

Thank you for your consideration!

For More Information On Leader Level Marketing Packages Click Here




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