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In December 2006, the first separate U.S. Census data compilation for the San Fernando Valley was released. This first-ever, demographic snapshot of the San Fernando Valley quantified the Valley's population, median household income, primary language spoken in households, median age, and employment statistics.

The Los Angeles Daily News created a profile of the average San Fernando Valley resident, based on the newly released data. The article stated that the average person would be a Caucasian woman, 35 years old, a high school graduate who is married, with one child, owning a two-bedroom home. She would have been born in California, employed in management, professional or related occupation, making $50-80,000 a year. The household would have two vehicles, a monthly mortgage of $2,00 or more. The home would be valued at $500-999.000.

The San Fernando Valley Census shows:

  • Population = 1.74 million
  • Median Household Income = $51,717
  • Foreign-Born Residents = 41.6%
  • English-Only Households = 41.2%
  • Travel Time To Work = 29.0 minutes
  • Homeowners = 52%

Highlights of the Census:

SFV Ethnic Breakdown
  • White - 61.4%
  • Asian - 10.9%
  • Latino - 41.6%
  • African-American - 4.3%
Median Age
  • SFV - 35.3 years
  • SFV - 66.23%
  • SFV - 7.4%
Average Household Size
  • SFV - 2.99
High School Graduate or Higher
  • SFV - 20.9%
Below Poverty Level
  • SFV - 12.9%
Spanish Spoken At Home
  • SFV - 62.5%
Median Home Value
  • SFV - $524,800
Median Monthly Mortgage
  • SFV - $2,016
Commuting To Work Alone
  • SFV - 74%
  • Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, strongly supported the San Fernando Valley as a separate region with the U.S. Census Bureau. Sherman said the Valley census will have important political implications when it comes to obtaining transportation dollars and social services.

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