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Absolute Pilates Upstairs (View Profile)

Conni Ponturo

AAA TLC Health Care,Inc (View Profile)

Home care providers are meant to be a saving grace in your time of need. You and your loved ones deserve service that is loyal, dedicated and personalized to suit your needs. At AAA T.L.C., we believe in the power of quality service for California home care. We understand the patient's need to feel safe and comfortable, and we are fully committed to making sure that we treat our customers with the utmost respect and care. For over 23 years, AAA T.L.C. has been one of the most respected home care agencies in the industry. Our 7000 qualified nurses and caregivers provide home care in Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Orange County, and all surrounding areas. We are always ready to provide the tender loving care needed by those who are less capable of taking care of themselves. We don't see our clients as patients—we see them as people who deserve the best care we can give.

Herbalife (View Profile)

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has been changing people's lives with science based products since 1980. They're developed by doctors who are experts in the field of nutrition and health from around the world.

Everlasting Health (View Profile)

Nearly 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese and 95% of Type 2 diabetes and 95% of cardiovascular disease is preventable. In addition, emotional mismanagement and stress are making us unhappy and unfulfilled with our lives. Over 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs and struggling to just get by, we weren't born to pay bills and die. I am able to get to the root of disease and unhappiness by creating new habits, making behavior and mindset changes that create lasting change and a life around what matters most to YOU. What does this mean, it means that whatever area in your life that you are unfulfilled, I can help create fulfillment with PREDICTABLE results. The end result being Optimal Health and a life of meaning and purpose and happiness! I know it works, my life is living proof, my challenge to you, give it 30 days and if your life doesn't change, I'll give you your money back. What do you want out of this one precious life you have? Are you tired or just surviving, do you want more? I can help! Specialties: • Helping people create physical health in their lives by addressing the causes of the diseases and comorbidities that accompany being overweight/obese, including Type 2 diabetes • Wellness and preventative health care expert for individuals and corporations. • Health Professional and speaker on chronic disease management and lifestyle habits Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach, Certified Trainer in the Canfield Success Principles Certified Yoga Teacher Certifed in meditation for deep relaxation and peace

Destinations For Teens (View Profile)

Destinations for Teens is an adolescent treatment center offering both residential and outpatient programs designed to support the whole family throughout their journey to sustainable well-being. We provide a quality safe-haven, a full range of treatments, and an uninterrupted education. Whether treating mental illness, addiction, or both, we pride ourselves in exceptional and accessible care for the teen and their family. A primary goal of treatment at Destinations is the sincere desire to help re-introduce clients to themselves in a more loving way.

Health and Healing DPC (View Profile)

I am a a board-certified family physician, and I've been practicing in this community for over 8 years. I have a variety of experience in both the HMO and fee-for-service models, and have always felt that the relationship between a patient and his/her primary care physician was degrading. We get less and less time with patients, and spend more time on documenting the visit than listening. Direct Primary Care is a model that removes third-party billing and puts the relationship back at the center. As a physician, I am only accountable to my patients, which is how it was always meant to be. I am so excited to be bringing this model to Woodland Hills. It has been gaining in popularity across the US in both its simplicity in practice for physicians and access for patients.

Biomat USA Inc. (View Profile)

Healing with a Purpose Therapy (View Profile)

Healing with Purpose is my private psychotherapy practice built to help others achieve personal growth. I specialize in Childhood Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Tichotillomania. My practice is designed to create a safe and meaningful place to explore one's challenges and gain personal insight. I created Healing with Purpose because my passion is working with people to help them identify their inner strengths and overcome life's obstacles. Healing with Purpose strives for growth, acceptance, meaning and the formation of adaptive coping skills. Life can be overwhelming, stressful and scary. But people don't have to deal it alone. Here people can develop the tools to navigate life’s challenges and not only survive but thrive!

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