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Letter From Our CEO

Posted on 01/01/21

CEO~ Diana Williams

Welcome! It is a great privilege to have a job I love and to work with each and every one of you. By joining the West Valley~Warner Center Chamber of Commerce, you now have an ever-growing sales team. Each relationship you make is a new connection to an expanded network.  We talk a lot about relationships in this chamber. Business organically grows when people know, like and trust you. We work hard to create opportunities for your business.  Our effort to stay informed regarding development in the area, legislative issues, and more makes us a valuable resource for you.  We share the information with you to help you grow your business.

My childhood was spent in rural Illinois. The population at that time was approximately 700.  Today, it has grown to nearly 2,000 which is the largest village in Putnam County (pop. 6,000).  Our high school was attended by the entire County which included 6 villages and 85 students made up our graduating class.

The reason for this snapshot of my youth is to let you know that your West Valley~Warner Center Chamber of Commerce CEO understands community.   Our family shopped with our neighbors. Our collective neighbors were the owners of all the small businesses that drove our local economy. The grocery mart, laundromat, five  and dime, pharmacy, hardware store, bait and tackle and more were owned by our friends and neighbors. Valerie was one busy hairdresser. Anyone and everyone who had hair in Granville was her customer. Our milk came from Lyon’s Dairy, our fruits and vegetables came from Boggio’s Farm.  When a child was sick or if there was a need, we rallied together. Fundraising, community clean-ups, park renovations, and supporting small businesses, depending on large businesses are all a part of what our chamber does. Feels like home.

Your chamber is a partnership of people working together to build a better community. Collaboration is at the heart of all the Chamber of Commerce  Committees. These strong partnerships, at all levels of government and community organizations, are the reasons for our success.  Beautification, Quality of Life, and Public Safety are among top issues we address as a community. We have just over 700 members in our Chamber of Commerce which makes it the largest in the San Fernando Valley. Yes, it’s the largest chamber in the San Fernando Valley, but as we like to say “with a small town feeling”. Thanks for being a part of it!


Diana Williams
CEO West Valley~Warner Center Chamber of Commerce

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