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California Concierge LLC
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California Concierge LLC
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Jen Svejda
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Director of Business Development for the Woodland Hills-Tarzana Chamber of Commerce. Connecting people gives me great enthusiasm and I am truly grateful that this natural gift will help you maximize your membership. Coming from a family of small business owners, I truly understand the power of promoting, supporting, educating, and networking to help attain business success. I am passionate about getting to know the members of our community, connecting them and seeing their business grow.

Helping you reach your goals is important to me. If there is someone you would like to do business with, feel free to contact me and I would be delighted to connect you. Please remember that our Ambassadors also do a wonderful job of connecting you and are always happy to help. I look forward to meeting you all and watching your businesses along with this Chamber grow.

Diana Williams
"My husband, David, and I reside in Woodland Hills with our 2 wonderful canine boys. As homeowners, we are passionate about the community and are enthusiastic about watching it prosper. It's exciting to know that your membership with the Chamber will increase your visibility and contribute to your success. The success of the business owners and residents directly impacts the progress of our community. I am looking forward to my involvement in growing the membership with Jen Svejda and our Ambassadors as well as working with the Board to increase recognition of the Woodland Hills~Tarzana Chamber as a top Chamber in the Nation. Not the biggest. The best." says Diana Williams-CEO

Max Haghighi
Gaspar Insurance Services is a full-service insurance agency specializing in protecting individuals and businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California with an east coast branch in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Gaspar Insurance offers protection to clients nationwide. Our agents shop A-rated carriers to find the best possible protection at unbeatable rates. We aim to build personal relationships with clients while delivering world class service.

The agency was founded in 2008 by CEO Timothy K. Gaspar and has grown tremendously over the past 10 years. Through agency acquisitions and staff expansion, Gaspar Insurance has been able to service a wide range of clientele from high profile individuals to prominent franchises. In 2017, Gaspar Insurance was named one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. 5000.

Mercy Alpert
I have 3 terrific sons, enjoy dancing, exercise, practice the principles of Feng Shui and love spending time with my family and friends.

Diane Deats
We produce marketing and merchandising materials for businesses large and small
• business cards • event materials • brochures • social media marketing • email marketing • packaging • catalogs • ads • posters • point of sale • trade shows • logo design • corporate image • pdf brochures • web graphics • magazines • direct mail • directories • flyers • food packaging • special projects.

See Deats Design on Yelp! for customer reviews.
Visit us on Facebook.
And please visit http://www.deatsdesign.com/references for photos and references.
For design samples and client list, please visit http://www.deatsdesign.com

Hutch Harutyunyan

Dave Ribble
I love helping businesses get an edge over their competition. Sometimes that is through better promotional marketing. Other times it is by improving their bottom line. Many times, it's both. I also love coaching professionals to help them get a grip on realizing where they are now and how to get to where they would like to be in their future.

Don Peyton
Experience is Paramount in the ever changing Real Estate Market. You can depend on Diversifoed Property Service to provide you with a fully supported value. A value you can take to the bank, loan broker, investor, attorney, accountant, and courthouse.

Jim Brammer
Jim Brammer is an award-winning photographic artist and owner of State of the Art Images, a fine art, portraiture and commercial photography studio located in Los Angeles. Honored as 2009 “Small Business of the Year” by the United Chambers of Commerce, winner in the “Photographer” category of the LA Daily News Readers Choice Awards for the last five years, and among three finalists for Volunteer of the Year in the LA Business Journal’s 2011 Corporate Citizenship Awards, Jim is also past President of Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County (PPLAC) and a member of numerous professional photography organizations.

Nahal Kashani
Checking at-a-glance
Citibank has an account to suit
your style. In checking as in life, needs vary. That's why Citibank offers a variety of checking accounts,
each with its own unique benefits and balance requirements.

Yves Baggi
Caroline Feingold
I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and have worked and lived in Woodland Hills for all of my life. For 20 years now, I have been in the Insurance industry and still am to this day. Recently, I was lucky enough to find my true love for animals and wanted to find a way where I can work with animals and sell insurance at the same time. I started my Dog Walking service in 2009 and love each and every moment. There is nothing in the world better than the love of an animal.

Trevina Jefferson
I have spent over 15 years working in the education field: childcare center, family childcare, and college settings.

I left home to serve her country three days after high school graduation, furthermore, I gained leadership rank quickly in the restaurant management field for the U.S. Navy. I am a UC Berkeley graduate and have almost completedmy Masters in Educational Administration at California State Northridge.

Personal Note:

I love to help people realize their dreams. These dreams have taken different forms over the years from helping a child transform from a angry gang member to a productive student and desire to help others; from helping students go from confused ideas about majors, colleges, and careers to making well-informed rationale decisions about their education and career possibilities, and assisting educational leaders go from being confused about the laws and regulations that govern new programs to understanding how these laws and regulations will support their program and what is expected.

As an educator first, my job is to support you when you cannot do it yourself; also, I will help you develop skills overtime so that you can do it on your own later. If you do not wish to learn how to do the job you have hired us for, we will make sure that you at least understand what we have done and why.

One interesting thing about me is that I love to travel. While I have brought many treasures from the places that I have traveled, you will usually find a doll representing a country that I have been to in my collection. When I go to another country, I am the learner and that country's people are my teachers.


Our mission is to meet the diverse needs of our clients in California. This means creating solutions for unique challenges and not making a one size fit all solution.


Follow your dreams and the rest will fall in place. We will be that one voice that says, “you can” and will help you achieve your goals.

Titi Flate

Keith McPherson
Digital Visual Media (DVM) is a San Fernando Valley based digital signage network owner and operator focused on connecting community businesses to community consumers. Through our custom digital signage solution, we furnish community businesses with a direct medium to Captivate Attention Through Content Hosting (CATCH). Through CATCH TV™, DVM has brought the power of commercial advertising to community business owners. CATCH TV™ displays are strategically placed throughout the community in DVR-free, high traffic, well maintained, affluent waiting areas. CATCH TV™ displays run customized content that captivates the attention of those who surround it, thereby educating, entertaining, and enlightening those who view it.
Digital Visual Media is well rooted in the community. Strategic alliances with local Chamber of Commerce offices allow DVM to run content that is demographically specific to the community the CATCH TV™ displays are located in. CATCH TV™ displays provide a vast array of content options but most important is that we provide local community information (based on the screen location), so that the viewer who may not have the time to pick up a paper or watch the news can be educated on local matters, informed of local business promotions, kept up to date on local weather, and interactively communicate with our screens through a vast array of polls, games, and trivia all while they wait.

Scott Rutz
I pride myself on my ethical, trustworthy, responsive and client-focused approach. I am pleased to be part of a real estate team that collectively has over 20 years of experience covering thousands of unique transactions... and working for the largest real estate franchise is North America. What this means to you? Individually tailored service to meet your needs on one of the biggest decisions you will make, backed by an international real estate leader with an abundance of resources and exposure.
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