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Karisa Gomez
[email protected]
Calabasas & LA

I am writing regarding my interest in career opportunities in Marketing, Sales and Demand Development and Advertising.  

My skill set includes a determined work ethic, 15 years experience, breaking free of only pure pharma marketing and expanding my skill set over the past 5 years - including going back to school for Digital Social Strategy and working with numerous digital marketing start-ups across B2B, retail, eCommerce, lifestyle, telecom and entertainment/media industries.    

One of my previous positions was for Verizon FiOS working on emerging entertainment technology advertising products and sales forecasting for multi-channel strategies collaborating at the Digital NewFronts, with multiple brands/advertisers, media agencies, networks, and ad tech sales partners in the Digital Video Advertising space; responsible for developing go-to-market strategies to further monetize cross screen ad inventory within the non-linear space.   

In 2011, I expanded skill set by obtaining Digital Media Certifications from New York University in both Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy, becoming more aware of the technology, platforms, and the communication management required to make consumer multi-platform digital initiatives come to life.   I also sought out opportunities in digitization working with luxury apparel, eCommerce and CPG brands creating custom marketing and sales solutions, gaining more practical experience within the world of start-ups.   

Early career foundation and learnings from Pfizer, a Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations powerhouse where I gained solid brand, sales and strategic big picture experience driving multi-media consumer marketing campaigns over a period of 10 plus years, leading efforts for the consumerization of healthcare along with various high profile media related partnerships. 

One of my greatest skills is being extremely effective in motivating teams with a vision in order to drive the greatest demand across various media and channels while never losing sight of overall brand strategy.   

Luckily, by working with different types of products & services over the past 15 -17 years in New York City, I learned how to better adapt to quickly changing mediums, understand the utility of silo and integration strategies, while at the same time refining my expertise in both big picture & detail, analytical assessment, creative production and how to succeed in an entrepreneurial or larger type environment.

I have enclosed my resume for review as I just relocated to the West Coast. 

If you have any questions, please call me at 917.520.3001  

Take a moment to look at my profile at www.linkedin.com/in/nyc212/


Karisa Gomez 

View Resume (PDF)


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