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AVANT-GARDE Merchant Solutions, Inc.
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AVANT-GARDE Merchant Solutions, Inc.
22647 Ventura Blvd. #579
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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The Payment Processor with Purpose!
About AVANT-GARDE Merchant Solutions, Inc.:

Hello, My name is Sheryl Tratner. I am a transplant to Los Angeles from Detroit, Michigan. Innately shy, I became a bookkeeper and did that kind of work for over 40 years. My empathy led me to become an alternative healer for over 35 years; I found also that I liked sales. I have been an Independent Business Consultant for Avant-Garde Merchant Solutions, Inc. since 2003, and I get to help my clients increase their bottom line with the company's products. www.agms.com If you would like to NOT pay any processing fees, contact me for info! And if you are looking for a processor that gives back instead of just taking money from your fees look no further! EVERY transaction each of our businesses run every day, a piece of the fees we collect now goes to non-profits! Come join us helping others! Where processing meets purpose!


Credit-Card Processing, Customizable POS Systems, Patented ACTIVE Gift Card Program, Loyalty Card Systems, Check Approval Systems (Check Guarantee, Check Imaging), ATM's,ACH Services, To name a few! If you are looking for a processor that cares about YOU, please contact me. And, we are the only company that is creating products exclusively for our member businesses to help them increase their profits as well as their bottom line! We have some new exclusive products to talk about this year that completely set us apart from all the rest! Check out our website: www.agms.com If you know anyone, including non-profits who could use some extra money on a monthly basis, please contact me!. Thank you


Payment Processing Meets Purpose! Our goal is to serve and give back! We achieve our goal by partnering with businesses all over the country. We are dedicated to finding the best way to maximize your business potential. We are here to help!


Ambassador Chair for the West Valley Warner Center (formerly Woodland Hills Tarzana) Chamber of Commerce, Women's Professional Forum. Lees luncheon Connection Circle. Women Building Business., Networking Plus.

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Carmen Wylie-Hamerski Posted on 10/29/14
Thank you!!!
Thank you for your wedding message Sheryl. Brian and I are sooo happy to finally be married. We have had a rough year (healthwise), we were really being tested, but we made it through with flying colors.

Let me know when you and the ladies meet up again.


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