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Walk of Hearts Foundation
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Walk of Hearts Foundation
23712 Canyon Drive
Calabasas, CA 91303
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Celebrating 10 Years of Teacher Recognition!
About Walk of Hearts Foundation :

Founded in 2003, the WALK OF HEARTS� Foundation Teacher Recognition Program is a volunteer based organization dedicated to promoting the value of education by recognizing teachers in the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles areas.


Each year our Teacher Recognition Program requests nominations from students, school staff and the community for teachers who embody the finest professional qualities.

Selected teachers are honored with a bronze plaque embedded in the sidewalk in downtown Canoga Park, California. The uniquely designed plaques feature the WALK OF HEARTS� Foundation logo, which is an open heart surrounding an apple, and the name of the teacher along with his or her school.

The ideal nominee is a teacher who is motivating, stimulating, and has that unique ability to inspire and perhaps - with a word or two of encouragement � change a life. This individual creates a positive, pleasant and productive learning environment while treating their students with respect. They inspire the school and the community spirit by sharing ideas and successful methods with fellow teachers, setting an example of professionalism.

A WALK OF HEARTS� Foundation teacher has the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues.


The vision and goal of the WALK OF HEARTS� Foundation is succinctly put into words by Founder Joe Andrews, �There is a walk of fame for actors, actresses, producers, and directors, yet before there was a superstar actor or actress, there was always a teacher encouraging them.� As of 2013, 46 teachers have been honored by their students, peers, and community. 2014 marks the 10 year and the induction of the 50th teacher in to their own walk of fame on September 28.

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