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blk. International
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blk. International
26565 Agoura Road, Suite 205
Calabasas, CA 91302
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Jen Svejda
About blk. International :

Proud to have been your 2021 Valley Biz Buzz show host! A former chamber staff team member now in PR & Marketing at blk. International; a beverage company headquartered in Calabasas.


blk.�is an ALL NATURAL functional beverage, which only uses organic ingredients and�helps support a healthy lifestyle. It is a plant-based water, infused with fulvic trace minerals � a super nutrient and one of the most powerful polyphenols known.�Fulvic has been used for thousands of years as a foundational ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine.�This has prompted hundreds of accredited scientific and medical organizations to make the fulvic molecule the subject of rigorous independent studies. These studies have reported broad beneficial results relating to improved health and disease prevention � including supporting gut health, reducing inflammation and detoxification.�

Fulvic minerals also have been shown to support healthy hair, skin, and nails, and help fight against fatigue.�blk.�water is dark in color due to nutrient-rich minerals, which are naturally dark. Made with all-natural plant-based ingredients,�blk.�has zero carbs, zero sugar and zero calories.�blk.�is gluten-free, kosher, and vegan, making it the perfect go-to wellness beverage that tastes refreshing and clean.�blk.�water helps replenish your body for optimal health!�

For more information visit,�getblk.com

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