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Bringing Innovative Remote Hiring Solutions to California's Business Community

Posted on 01/14/24

The West Valley~Warner Center Chamber of Commerce

Woodland Hills, CA January 14, 2023 – Apeiron Talents, a visionary recruitment agency, is excited to announce its introduction to the West Valley Chamber of Commerce business community. Specializing in remote hiring, Apeiron Talents aims to assist businesses in navigating the challenges of high labor costs prevalent in the state. California's unique business environment, characterized by one of the highest minimum wages in the nation, a competitive job market, and stringent labor laws, often escalates operational expenses. Apeiron Talents offers a fresh perspective and a solution through access to a global talent pool, promising a reduction in labor costs by 70-80% compared to local hiring.

Adam Dimacali, CEO of Apeiron Talents, warmly addresses the local business community: "We are thrilled to be part of the vibrant West Valley business landscape. Our mission is to support local businesses in these challenging economic times by connecting them with exceptional remote professionals. This approach not only cuts costs but also enriches your team with diverse, perspectives."

Factors like California's high minimum wage, a highly competitive labor market fueled by tech and growth industries, and comprehensive labor protections contribute to the state's elevated labor costs. This scenario is particularly challenging for small businesses and startups.

"Our innovative approach leverages the remote workforce, providing California businesses with a cost-effective, yet diverse and skilled talent pool. This is particularly beneficial for roles compatible with remote work, offering an ideal blend of cost savings and quality talent acquisition," adds Adam Dimacali.

As Apeiron Talents joins the West Valley business community, we are eager to help local companies overcome economic hurdles and foster growth and innovation in a post-pandemic world. Discover more about Apeiron Talents and our services at https://apeirontalents.com/

Contact Information:
Shiva Aframian
Director of Business Development
Apeiron Talents
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
[email protected]


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