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Code Competition Awards Celebration

Posted on 05/14/16

Woodland Hills CA, April 12, 2016 - Computerwise Education announces its First Annual Coding Competition Awards Ceremony. The event will feature entries from over 40 teams from local elementary schools.

About the Code Competition
The 2016 competition topic is to code a game, presentation or an app to educate, remediate or help the community with a safety issue that could arise daily or periodically.
300 students participate in Computerwise Education's Code Clubs through their local schools. The code club meets after school and is open to students in grades 4 and up. The curriculum is open, and during the 1st semester students are encouraged to use their time to explore technology, learn new skills and become familiar with coding. In the 2nd semester, the students form teams and work towards the competition goals. First by coming up with an idea, and then using technology to resolve the same. The entries will be judged by local technology educators and industry experts.

Why is coding important
President Barack Obama kicked off Computer Science Education Week on Monday with a simple message: �Don�t just play on your phone. Program it.� Learning to code has become an integral part of technology education within K-12 in the past few years. According to Computerwise Education founder and longtime technology maven Jamshid Lal, �The entries we have seen are creative and innovative� the students have taken daring new approaches to address old problems. The competition will be difficult to judge� You won�t want to miss this event�.

About Computerwise Education
Computerwise Education is a non-profit entity whose mission is to expand technology awareness among today's youth. It operates primarily in the San Fernando Valley area. Its primary outreach is to sponsor free weekly Code Clubs2 at 10 local LAUSD schools. The Code Club is led by Computerwisekids Instructors. By reaching out to the youth in this manner and by further motivating them with an annual goal based competition, it hopes to inspire the students to advance their technical skills.

Computerwisekids Tech Cntr
22136 Clarendon St.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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