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School: Louisville High School
Type: All Girls High School
# of Students: 430
Principal Kathleen Vercillo
Website www.louisvillehs.org
Facebook www.facebook.com/louisvillehighschool
Two aspects that make our school a special place: Louisville
How will this cash grant directly benefit the students at your school? As an affiliate of the Online School for Girls, Louisville has expanded its curricular offerings to support specialized AP, modern language, music and STEM courses while providing girls with a first-rate and mission-appropriate experience with online learning. As Louisville strives to increase the number of girls who take advantage of these courses, it has incurred the expense of their online tuition. Louisville maintains tuition levels that are less than half of some competing private schools, and serves students who are unable to pay supplemental tuition for online courses. We currently support five students as they take AP courses online, but we expect the interest to double next year. In these difficult economic times, a grant will help us pay for the cost online learning without impacting tuition levels. More students will be able to experience quality online courses that directly impact their choices of college majors and careers.
What are the biggest challenges in running your school, and how will you overcome them? The biggest challenge in running the school is to ensure that constituencies and resources are committed to the long-term health and vitality of the school, and that the school anticipates and manages change, rather than simply react to external situations and circumstances. These challenges will be overcome by investing time and resources during the 2012-2013 school year in an effective Strategic long-range plan which will ensure the continued growth of the school.
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