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School: Ingenium Charter School
Type: Elementary
# of Students: 389
Principal Brandy Price
Website http://www.ingeniumcharter.org
Two aspects that make our school a special place: At Ingenium Charter School, students work at their own pace. Our system is based on the Reinventing Schools Coalition Model, which is performance rather than time based. Students collaboratively with their teacher generate individualized learning plans. Using the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) cycle students set, track and monitor their goals. In our classrooms, students are truly leaders--they facilitate workshops, teach peers, and lead discussions. The motto at Ingenium Charter School is
How will this cash grant directly benefit the students at your school? We would like to use this money to assist with our service learning program. One of our underlying philosophies is that students must take the knowledge they gain here and turn it into action in the local community. Last year, our sixth grade students worked with Heal the Bay as well as the West Valley Food Pantry. This year, students in grades 3-6 have visited a local animal shelter to learn about how members of our community are taking action to improve the situation for homeless animals. Five hundred dollars would pay for our students to adopt families (79% of our families qualify for free or reduced lunch). Students could then put together holiday baskets that would include food items as well as school supplies for our families in need.
What are the biggest challenges in running your school, and how will you overcome them? The ever-shrinking budget continues to be the biggest challenge to running a school. To overcome this challenge, we continuously write grants, make copious use of volunteers, and have streamlined our budget to ensure that our students continue to have access to things such as art, poetry/drama, and foreign language. We are proud to be a school dedicated to fostering well-rounded students.
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