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School: Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter Schoool
Type: K-12
# of Students: 1154
Principal Dr. Caroline Wesley
Website www.ivyacademia.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ivy-Academia-Entrepreneurial-Charter-School/239009746212982
Two aspects that make our school a special place: There are so many things that make Ivy special. We are an entrepreneurial focused school. This means that in addition to incorporating the California Content Standards into everything we teach, we also incorporate the National Entrepreneurial Standards. As young as 5, our students learn to write resumes, shake hands, make eye contact, advertise events and products, and fill out job applications. We apply real life experience to classroom lessons. The other quality that makes Ivy special is our incredible, dedicated staff. Our teachers work above and beyond to help our students achieve. Our test scores continue to rise because our teachers give each student the individualized attention that all students deserve.
How will this cash grant directly benefit the students at your school? This money would go directly to purchasing supplies for our P.E. department. Physical education seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to replacing equipment or suppling new equipment. If a ball is lost or broken, it rarely gets replaced. This money would help replenish our P.E. equipment and keep our students physically active3.
What are the biggest challenges in running your school, and how will you overcome them? The biggest challenges in our school our lack of facilities and budget. As a charter school, we have not been give appropriate facilities as guarenteed by Prop. 39. We make the best of whatever building we are currently occupying, because good teaching can happen anywhere. Our goal is to have an appropriate campus to house our K-12th graders. We are currently in the penalty phase with this issue, and are awaiting to see what LAUSD will offer us. We do not let this get in our way, rather we focus on the kids first and foremost.
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