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IT Support LA
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IT Support LA
6047 Tampa Ave. #305
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 797-5302
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IT Support LA
Posted on 10/04/18

Technology is something I always enjoyed learning about. As a business owner, I like to face challenges related to my business and sometimes IT is part of it. It gives me satisfaction to solve minor issues that my employees have, however, with time it becomes tiring. As my company grows, there are more and more IT challenges that become a struggle for me to deal with. It was difficult for me to give up on controlling every aspect of my company but I learnt to let go and bring in professionals. IT Support LA grabbed my attention with their marketing and appealing approach. Once we discussed my issues and goals, I understood that this is the right company for me.

In addition to this, their offer of money back and no contracts really made my decision to give them a chance easy. Since then, they are in constant touch with me through emails, calls and reports. I receive monthly newsletters about whats trending in the technology today and even though I don’t do anything IT related anymore, which was really freeing, they still make me feel like I am on top of everything.

- Steve Moore ~ Steve Moore CPA Corp.

IT Support LA
Posted on 10/04/18

They are so local its amazing. I don’t have to worry about anything or get frustrated like I used to before. I don’t have to submit a ticket like some companies require and wait hours for a response like Im another task on their computer. I can chat with them instantly, call them or email my account manager and someone will remote instantly to check out my issue. If its more complex, within 30 minutes someone is coming by and solves our issues on the spot.

What amazes me the most is their billing service which never nickel and dimes me. The bill is flat, always on time and properly adjusted. I can plan my company budgeting years ahead knowing that my IT cost is exactly the same every month. I speak to many colleagues and I know this is something that none of them can say about their organization.

- Yousef Safa ~ YSSC, Inc.

IT Support LA
Posted on 10/04/18

With our many luxury retail stores in the greater Los Angeles area, IT Support LA is our number one choice concerning all technical service needs. We began working with one of their technicians for a small network issue at a store two years ago. Since then, with their regular professionalism, technical acumen, and swift response to resolution- we now turn to them for most of our computer system needs, at all of our stores in the area. In addition, they have provided us with excellent white-glove assistance for computer system moves, as well as convention center show setups and support. As a project manager, I do not see their high level of planning insight, or service summary reports come from anyone else. I would recommend IT Support LA for any type of business, for all technical services or tasks.

- Michael Whitlock ~ Kering

IT Support LA
Posted on 10/04/18

“In our line of work, we need to have very good data security and data backup to protect our clients’ data. Now that IT Support LA has set up my backup, I have complete peace of mind that it’s all safe and secure – and it’s great not having to worry about my clients’ data. I feel that it’s much better to have a total backup solution that you just don’t need to worry about.”

– Dr. Ogden Page, President, Ogden Page Accountancy Corp.

IT Support LA
Posted on 10/04/18

IT Support LA has been a God send whenever we’ve had to have any IT services delivered to our clients out on the West Coast.

IT Support LA has been very helpful to us, since we are based on the East Coast.
From all aspects on the installation of Cisco Switches, to store openings, to support for special events, your services are by far professional and 100% satisfactory.
This is both from our clients perspective, and from ours as well.

- Celia Martin ~ Gucci


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