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Heed AI Consulting
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Heed AI Consulting
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10 Ways to implement ChatGPT into your workplace Today

🌟 Why This is Not Just Another Webinar: This is a transformative experience tailored for professionals keen on maximizing efficiency and innovation in their roles. You'll walk away with actionable intelligence that will revolutionize the way you work! ✅ What You'll Learn: Effective training techniques for ChatGPT Crafting policies for optimized ChatGPT use Leveraging advanced features and settings ... and much more, without spilling all the secrets! 👥 Who Should Attend: Office Managers, Administrative Professionals, Managers in charge of Administrative Staff, Marketing and Sales Teams. 🎙️ Instructor: Michael Bowers, President of Heed AI Consulting With years of hands-on experience, Michael is a trusted advisor in guiding organizations through the complexities of AI adoption.