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Vickery Health & Wellness
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Vickery Health & Wellness
20750 Ventura Blvd., Suite 203
Woodland Hills , CA 91364
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A New Approach to Health That's Thousands of Years Old
About Vickery Health & Wellness:

Dia's journey with Oriental Medicine began in 1992 when she enrolled in the Masters program at SAMRA University. Working at Panavision Hollywood during the day and attending seven classes a week, mostly at nights, she completed her coursework just as the Northridge earthquake shook everyone up.

Deciding that she wasn't ready to continue to the Clinical phase of her education, she left SAMRA and turned to Theology. She finished her PhD in 1996. In late 2000 she decided to complete her Oriental Medicine studies.

After much research, Dia decided to finish at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica. In 2001 she returned to school. Returning to a profession whose standards had risen so dramatically meant more class time as well as Clinical training. She finished her Masters in 2003 and was licensed in 2004.

Dia's affinity with herbs adds extra dimension to her treatments.


Specializing in sensitive patients, my experience has shown that gentle needling can be as effective as powerful (often described as painful) needling. You are looking for pain relief and a quick return to your favorite activities and I want to assist you without adding to your pain using harsh techniques.

Some conditions I can help you with include women's health disorders, chronic pain, migraine or other chronic headache, fatigue from stress as well as overuse injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle.

In addition to needles, I use herbal formulae to augment your treatment and aid in your return to health. I will also advise you on exercise to increase the flow of Qi through your body, as well as dietary changes you can easily incorporate into your life to aid you in faster healing and maintaining your health.


Certified Kinesio Taping Specialist


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