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Heartland Payment Systems
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Heartland Payment Systems
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Topanga, CA 90290
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Heartland's Success Is Built From Integrity And Transparency, Process With Us And Have Premiere Service At The Best Price!
About Heartland Payment Systems:

I have two wonderful young adult children, a husband of twenty three years, three Jack Russell Terriers and one horse.
I love spending time with my family, riding my horse, talking with friends, and obtaining more and more wisdom as I grow older, so that I may pass it down. I also love being involved in my community and working for a company that I believe in and is in the best interest of my customers. I have been in the sales world for my entire career and would not have it any other way - I am committed to making sure my customers receive the utmost service for the very best price. My goal is to have long and prosperous relationships with everyone who chooses my business. I am excited and look forward to meeting all of the members of this Chamber and learning about their businesses and successes in this community.


Heartland Payments Systems has its own Credit Card Processing Platform, Payroll Platform, and Gift Card/Marketing Platform. We sell our services direct, without middle men, which keeps our cost down. Because all sales, service and customer support are Heartland W-2 employees, we are the premiere company to grow and maintain your business with. Heartland is nationwide, on NYSE HPY, and our CEO wrote the 'Merchants Bill of Rights". We are endorsed by hundreds of business associations and are the only company endorsed by the National Restaurant Association. Please visit our website for more details.

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