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Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance
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Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance
18375 Ventura Blvd. #776
Tarzana, CA 91356
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Your body came with a lifetime guarantee--it just didn't come with a care + repair manual
About Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance:

Johan is a southern California-raised historian with a degree in Political Science emphasizing in International Relations from the University of California at Santa Barbara. His background as a historian allowed him to make the connection between humanity's biological origins, and humanity's current epidemic of symptoms and disease.

Biology-based Healthcare helped Johan associate the human body's natural ability to fix itself--from head to toe, inside and out--to humanity's biological origins. This helped Johan realize everyone's body is working to restore itself at all points of life.

Johan's background as a historian, prospective dietary expert, public servant and consumer advocate helped drive him to found the world's first Biology-based Health Agency, dedicated to walking people through the causes of concerns with the human body, and the steps to biologically detoxifying and restoring the full functionality and comfort of their own bodies.


B I O L O G I C A L R E S T O R A T I O N - The TOTAL restoration of the COMPLETE comfort and FULL functionality of the human body

- Biological Detoxification & Restoration Experts
- Noninvasive and Drug-free Self-care Educators
- Symptom & Disease Elimination Guides
- Biological Self Defense Trainers
- Biological Success Coaches
- Lifestyle Detoxification Guides
- Home Toxicity Auditors
- Metabolic Restoration
- Weight Restoration
- Skin Restoration
- Respiratory Restoration
- Digestive Restoration
- Immunity Restoration
- Reproductive Restoration

Clients are ultimately discharged fully trained in the effective restoration & continued care of their own bodies--ultimately rewarded & reassured with observable disease prevention

History: Years of Development; Established in 2014.

Bio Guidance was created using the great work in Biological Restoration seen all over the world with Biology-based Healthcare.

Many terminally-ill cancer patients that were sent home by their doctors to await death found Biology-based Healthcare with only months left to live, and were able to help their bodies biologically detoxify and restore themselves. A success rate of approximately 50% have gone on to continue their lives with their newfound knowledge of the total biological care + repair of their own bodies.

Boost HEALth Now created Bio Guidance for people that may not be terminally-ill, but are dealing with concerns with their bodies. Bio Guidance shows how every single human body alive today has been genetically tested and perfected over many thousands of years. It is meant to always be comfortable and fully functional--or is always working to restore the entire body back to it.

Bio Guidance expertly walks people through helping the body repair & restore itself.

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