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Willow Healing Center
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Willow Healing Center
20315 Ventura Blvd. Suite A
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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Willow Healing Center - Affordable Concierge Medicine. The way medicine used to be - the way it should be.
About Willow Healing Center:

Below, is the evolution of our journey to concierge medicine�
I am a board certified family practice physician.

I first met my wife, Jenn, in 2005 while we were applying for residency/internship following our medical school/psychology programs. I was matched to a position at the Cleveland clinic, and Jenn to an internship in New York. We maintained and nurtured our courtship for a year, with Jenn (most often, due to my 100 hour work weeks) making the 6 hour trek out to spend weekends together. During this time, we began to see an emerging theme in the healthcare paradigm. Patient care was thwarted by the demands of a saturated system and insurance companies. Even through our exhausting and demanding schedules, idealism pushed us forward into the path of creating our own system. I was often looked upon as the �maverick- hippy� in stark contrast to the streamlined and linear approach dictated by mainstream medical culture. My desire for more personalized and holistic care came into conflict with the high volume of patients and institutional restrictions that negatively influenced the quality of my work. We used to say: �We should really open a practice together!� in 2006, Jenn and I married, moved back home to the San Fernando Valley (where we grew up) and started professional jobs out of training. 4 1/2 years into my last position, the burnout of caring for 3,000 patients (seeing 20 + per day) and institutional limitations pushed me to look seriously at the possibility of a new career. In 2013, the idea of going out on my own was inspired by a patient who jokingly said, �When are you opening your concierge practice?� Until then, I had resigned myself to the way things were, not realizing that I could create a new path towards a more fulfilling experience for myself and my patients. I immediately phoned Jenn telling her that I knew what I wanted to do with the next chapter of my career. After watching my steady decline into frustration and disenchantment over the years, she was thrilled with the idea, and has stood by me as we moved towards bringing this dream of ours to fruition. Jenn will be seeing her own clients as part of Willow Healing Center � Our dream is here.
Our goal remains steadfast: to build strong and meaningful relationships with our patients while providing them with integrated and personalized health and mental-health care.


Compassionate physician who wants to hear you!
Un-hurried appointments
Same day Access
24/7/365 Access to me as your physician (you have my cell at all times)
Wholesale labs (most done in-house
Significantly discounted meds (many dispensed in-house)
Mostly free procedures
In-house psychologist, acupuncturist and chiropractor (extra fees for services)
Laser body contouring (Laser-Lipo, FDA approved)


My most recent accomplishment has to be honoring myself enough to take the risk to open this medical practice. I left a job which provided significant security, but left my spirit/heart a bit unfulfilled. I believe nothing great happens in complacency. It was time to move and risk everything for something great! I know we found it here at Willow Healing Center.


American Association of Family Practice (AAFP)
American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)
BNI, Woodland Hills Chapter
Wisdom Council, Men's Center, Los Angeles
YMCA - Chief, Indian Princess (have to support my best girl!)

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Jesus Cruz
[email protected]
Posted on 11/15/17
Ixia health and Lifestyle Expo
Good Morning,

We are a team of event coordinators that produce health and lifestyle expos for employer groups. We have been retained to organize the annual Health & Lifestyle Expo for the employees at IXIA in Calabasas. We are reaching out on their behalf to see if you are able to come out and support the event.

If you are interested simply email or call us back. Thank you and as always...make it great!

Jesus Cruz

1219 Linda Vista Drive,
San Marcos, CA 92078
760-752-9880 bus
760-752-9888 fax
760.855.0632 cell
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