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Everlasting Health
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Everlasting Health
6700 Sheltondale Ave
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 726-6295
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Health Coach
About Everlasting Health:

Nearly 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese and 95% of Type 2 diabetes and 95% of cardiovascular disease is preventable. In addition, emotional mismanagement and stress are making us unhappy and unfulfilled with our lives. Over 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs and struggling to just get by, we weren't born to pay bills and die. I am able to get to the root of disease and unhappiness by creating new habits, making behavior and mindset changes that create lasting change and a life around what matters most to YOU. What does this mean, it means that whatever area in your life that you are unfulfilled, I can help create fulfillment with PREDICTABLE results. The end result being Optimal Health and a life of meaning and purpose and happiness! I know it works, my life is living proof, my challenge to you, give it 30 days and if your life doesn't change, I'll give you your money back. What do you want out of this one precious life you have? Are you tired or just surviving, do you want more? I can help!


Helping people create physical health in their lives by addressing the causes of the diseases and comorbidities that accompany being overweight/obese, including Type 2 diabetes
Wellness and preventative health care expert for individuals and corporations.
Health Professional and speaker on chronic disease management and lifestyle habits
Certified Life Coach,
Certified Health Coach,
Certified Trainer in the Canfield Success Principles
Certified Yoga Teacher
Certifed in meditation for deep relaxation and peace


Health Coaching-Predictable fat loss, disease management and prevention and behavior and healthy lifestyle changes.Life Coaching
Success Coaching
Yoga Teacher
Meditation Teacher

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