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Grounding Innovations, LLC
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Grounding Innovations, LLC
PO Box 18802
Encino, CA 91416
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My mission is to help individuals with PTSD
About Grounding Innovations, LLC:

I am a single mom and a doctoral student with Cal Southern University. I am a prior service member and served in the Army Reserves for 9 years. My job in the army was as a Mechanic and Electrical Repairer. I worked on military vehicles and electrical equipment such as water purification systems, generators, and electrical parts on vehicles.


Grounding Innovations, LLC was established with the purpose of advancing treatment methods for posttraumatic stress disorder. The heart of the organization is centered on helping find a wholistic approach in treating individuals with this disorder by (1) defining posttraumatic stress, (2) identify characteristics of the disorder that impede individuals’ daily functioning, (3) provide information and insights to the condition, treatment methods, and to help facilitate effective coping mechanisms (4) develop and implement an intervention tool to help during a posttraumatic stress attack, (5) reduce symptoms during the onset of a posttraumatic stress attack, and (6) connect individuals with assistance resources.

It is important for people with PTSD to know is having the disorder doesn’t mean the end of one’s life or but a beginning of a new self. The difficulties those with PTSD experience after a person experiences a traumatic event is (a) a disconnection from family and friends, (b) difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships, (c) overwhelming sense of isolation and aloneness, and (d) an existential and emotional disconnection from the world around them. Trauma is complex and touches every area of a person’s life including their relationship with God, self and others.

Most importantly, as you or someone you know embarks on the journey to healing, though the journey seems lonely and long, the path to healing is never out of reach and you or your loved one is never alone. It is important to know that although humans establish meaningful connections through joyous experiences, they also connect and establish meaningful relationships through painful experiences. The goal of Grounding Innovations is not only to help facilitate connection, but to develop and cultivate relationships that inspire people to become better people after trauma. There is always hope.


Graduated with a Bachelor of Theological studies in 2012. Graduated with my Master in the Science of Psychology in 2018. Completed 1 year of my Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.


American Legion Post 826
Jewish War Veterans Post 603

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