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Jackie's Middle Eastern Food
Contact Information
Jackie's Middle Eastern Food
7443 Eton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91335
(215) 667-3064
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Jackie's Middle Eastern
About Jackie's Middle Eastern Food:

-Private Chef: Over 35 years of experience in cooking authentic, traditional, and savory meals.
-BS Degree in Human Resource Management from Temple University, Graduation: December 2015.
-VP of Human Resources at United Language Services, LLC Ė Family Business
-Likes travel, cooking, singing, dancing, meeting, new people and learning about cultures.
-Moved to LA from Pennsylvania in 2018. Lives and works in Canoga Park.


Baklava Baked Fresh Daily With ❤️ Vegan & Non-Vegan with Walnuts/Chocolate/Pecan/Pistachios/Almonds & Nuts-free for special events
Middle Eastern Hosting 🏡Cooking🔪Catering🍽️ https://jackiesmiddleeastern.com/

(Caters delightful Middle Eastern foods for special events in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Teaches cooking classes. Bake savory baking & people's favorite Middle Eastern Desserts.)

All from scratch and with so much LOVE.


Not a recent accomplishment, but I am proud that I decided to go back to school at age 50 and graduated from Temple University, and got my degree in Human Resource Management. I was on the Deanís List and the commencement speaker (I did not speak English for 27 years before I attended Temple.) I was a mother of four kids and three grandchildren at that time, in 2016.

A recent accomplishment is besides working with the family as a VP of HR, I decided to follow my passion and I started to give cooking classes using some platforms and got more than 100 Ė five stars reviews in less than a year. This is one of the links to one of my experiences: https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/422850

Another one is selling my Baklava in 5 different stores; like Follow Your Heart and Jimís Market.


Ambassador for the West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce
A member of Women's Professional Forum
Dynamic Business Networking and Business & Bagels.

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