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Children: Our Ultimate Investment
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Children: Our Ultimate Investment
13029-A Victory Blvd. #357
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(323) 461-8248
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We nurture and invest in the future of our children! Please consider sending us a donation!
About Children: Our Ultimate Investment :

Our mission is to educate and prepare our youth to reach their full potential through programs that address teen pregnancy prevention, non-violent parenting, life skills, continued education and job opportunities.


The Teens & Toddlers (T&T) program is a semester long teenage pregnancy and STD prevention program that presents the realities of parenthood through classroom instruction in Los Angeles, California high schools, and interaction with toddlers at local preschools. It is founded on creating an environment where at-risk teens, both male and female, can experience the demands of raising a child, as well as learn the risks and challenges of facing this life-changing decision at such a young age.

Participants, ages 15 � 19, volunteer along-side preschool staff and are given the responsibility of caring for their �little friends.� Personal development sessions coupled with the social connection between these two age groups teaches parenting skills, child development and conflict resolution to provide them the skill sets needed if they choose to become parents when they have reached adulthood.

Providing teenagers with alternative choices to becoming parents before they are truly ready, the curriculum addresses the following key points to aid our youth's choices and better equip them for their future:

- Social consciousness and responsibility for one�s own actions;

- Stages of child development from birth to toddler;

- Parenting skills and disciplines to better understand the challenges faced in child rearing.


Check out our newly re-vamped website at: http://www.children-ourinvestment.org

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of modifying our Teens & Toddlers curriculum for LAUSD approval!

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